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Final Composition
Product Description
Our design will include:
An interactive map of the RIT campus and tunnel system
Ability to sync your class or work schedule with the app
Ability to use your location to create a path from you to a building
Possible route suggestions to get to places in a building
Information on services and ships in each building
Current Site
Problem + Solution
The main problem most people have with the current map is they are uncomfortable with the layout and how to find more information about a building. We hope our design will make it easy for them to find the information they are looking for - leaving them feeling empowered and able to successfully navigate the campus.
We hope our design will appeal equally to students as well as faculty. We plan to keep the layout simple, and make sure features are visible. Adding the function of being able to sync your class schedule to the app - we are sure more students will be able to find their class without nervously roaming the halls.
Functional Specification
Primary Persona
Secondary Persona
Tertiary Persona
Color Scheme
Complementary Colors
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Final Composition
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